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If you want your property to look its best in an effort to impress potential buyers then the following tips should help.
De-clutter: Removing clutter helps areas to appear more spacious and allows purchasers to visualise their belongings in your home. Think of this process as a head start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway and for example clear off everything on kitchen counters, minimise the amount of ornaments and other items on display and organise your cupboards and wardrobes.

Make the house sparkle: 
Make the house sparkle: A concerted clean-up can make a big difference. So, thoroughly vacuum and dust and also do everything from washing windows and polishing faucets to water-blasting outside and even getting the carpets cleaned. In addition it’s a good idea to air-out all the rooms and to replace worn rugs, to hang-up fresh towels and to put on new bedspreads.

Do minor repairs and maintenance
Do minor repairs and maintenance: Inspect your property and ensure you take care of minor repairs and maintenance such as replacing cracked floor tiles, repairing holes in walls, fixing leaky faucets and doors or drawers that jam and replacing blown light bulbs.  It may even be worth considering painting your walls.  

Remove excess furniture:
Remove excess furniture: Almost every home shows better with less furniture, so organise temporary storage for excess items. In particular make sure you remove pieces of furniture that block walkways within or between rooms and leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose while leaving plenty of room to move around.  

Check curb appeal:Check curb appeal: Do your best to make sure your property has good street appeal. At the very least ensure lawns are mown and gardens are tidy, that your letterbox is in good order and your house number is clearly visible.


Please contact TrustTrev for your FREE no obligation market appraisal and report. Please note, if you have a rental property and would like a FREE no obligation appraisal without disturbing the tenants, I am happy to do so.


The Best Way To Sell Your Home

I have only one aim when you list your property...to do everything possible to sell it for the best possible price within the shortest possible time.


This process starts by selecting the marketing option that best suits your home. Exclusive Listing, Auction or Tender. 



Pricing Your Home For Sale

The price of your home must be right. Too low and you lose money. Too high and lose buyers. That's where the intimate local market knowledge and my expertise comes in. Couple with Harcourts advanced information technologies, this knowledge proves invaluable.

Dress Your Home For Success

While every property has good points, most have aspects that would benefit from improvement. With a little thought and energy you can make the most of the good points and cover up the less appealing aspects. Presentation is everything...and it is often what sells the emotional appeal of a property.


By exclusively signing with Trevor at Harcourts your home is immediately entered into our extensive national and international database, gaining exposure to over 3,000 sales consultants in over 380 offices throughout New Zealand and Australia. Your home is also featured on many of the largest property websites in the country. Most importantly, listing your home with Trevor and Harcourts ensures your home is backed with the best possible resources to achieve the best price the market will pay.


The advantages of auctioning a property are numerous. You set the terms, conditions and the date. You agree on an undisclosed minimum reserve price. During the auction, your property will not sell below this figure. There is also a real possibility of achieving a higher price - especially if keen buyer interest promotes competition. You will also attract genuinely interested, 'cash in hand buyers'  with no 'subject to sale of another property' or 'subject to finance' clauses. Offers can also be accepted prior to the auction date.


This method of marketing creates high profile for your property and established a competitive environment without having a list price. Prospective buyers become emotionally involved before they consider price and they have just one opportunity for you to accept, decline, or continue negotiations with them. They know there could be other interested buyers. The choice is always yours, you are in control. Increased enquiries and inspections are often generated by this sales strategy. All Tender details remain undisclosed and absolutely confidential.